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Green Chilli Chukh (thick chilli paste) | Hari Mirch ki Chukh | Khatta & Teekha | Sour & Spicy | Speciality of Chamba in Himachal | 220 grams

Green Chilli Chukh (thick chilli paste) | Hari Mirch ki Chukh | Khatta & Teekha | Sour & Spicy | Speciality of Chamba in Himachal | 220 grams

Tastes: Spicy

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Store in a cool dry place. Use a fresh, dry spoon to take the pickle out.

Our Promise

  • Authentic & traditional recipes from Himachal, passed down through generations
  • Made with best quality ingredients in small batches
  • Only mustard oil is used in pickles
  • Sun-dried
  • Optimal balance of spices and oil
  • No Onion No Garlic in any pickle (except Mushroom Pickle)
  • 100% Vegetarian products

What is Green Chilli Chukh (Hari Mirch ki Chukh)?

Quite spicy, Green Chilli Chukh is a traditional preparation hailing from the Chamba valley in Himachal Pradesh. It lies somewhere between a pickle and a chutney, gaining popularity throughout Himachal.

How to Use?

- Typically enjoyed as a zesty and spicy condiment

- Serves as a flavorful dip, enhances rice dishes, and adds an extra punch to snacks

- Perfect for spicing up curries and can also be utilized as a hot sauce, pickle, or food additive

- Complements well with chapatti, paratha, and bread

- Incorporate it into salads for an additional burst of flavor

Benefits of Green Chilli Chukh

- Green chilies are abundant in capsaicin, a compound recognized for its ability to enhance metabolism

- Capsaicin may contribute to heightened calorie expenditure and increased fat oxidation, potentially assisting in weight management

- Green chilies are a source of vitamins A and C, providing support to the immune system and antioxidants that combat free radicals

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kislay kunal
Mast mast

Very very nice makes all meal tastier.must to have for all spice lover

Tanya Mehra

The flavor is incredible.. flavour is unbeatable. Truly tasty. love it

Krishh Sinha

Spicy bahut jada tha par simple meal ke sath best h

Maina J

It was just the way i like spices

Arun Gautam

Teekha aur chatpata ... good